What We Do

QRqinect helps you connect to customers or share your personal memories through and emotional connection.....your media. Our patent pending system allows each code to be customized with specific media of the scanning users choice. This unique and ground-breaking process will revolutionize the way you think about marketing, sharing and social media campaigns. We would love to show you an in-depth demo of how our unique solution can help you, feel free to give us a call or email at the number below and we will schedule a branded demonstration that will showcase the elite functionality of our system.

Our Mission

Our goal is to change the way that people think about sharing. Before the internet people took photographs and mailed them in letters or gathered around the living room to view slideshows and home movies. In this age of mobile devices and social media we are making it possible to connect with every individual on a personal level while allowing them to share thier memories, lives, messages and more in association with their favorite products, places and publicaitons.

We believe that our efforts are only scratching the surface of what possibilities lie within this new medium. We would love to demo our system, designed to fit your needs and customized to your company, simply contact us via the contact tab above or at the phone number listed below.