About Us

QRqinect was started by a team that has years of experience in mobile and social marketing. Working from our headquarters just outside Salt Lake City Utah, we built QRqinect to help our clients engage their customers through mobile technology while enhancing their products. Alone the way we generate date to help our clients understand and connect with their customers better. As a result, these customers connect emotionally with these brands and have a desire to connect them with their social networks. QRqinect is passionate about mobile and social networking solutions.

Robert Davis


Greg Ghering


Grant Keele


Our Mission

Our goal is to change the way that people think about sharing. Before the internet people took photographs and mailed them in letters or gathered around the living room to view slideshows and home movies. In this age of mobile devices and social media we are making it possible to connect with every individual on a personal level while allowing them to share thier memories, lives, messages and more in association with their favorite products, places and publicaitons.

We believe that our efforts are only scratching the surface of what possibilities lie within this new medium. We would love to demo our system, designed to fit your needs and customized to your company, simply contact us via the contact tab above or at the phone number listed below.